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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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hear more before I condemn them. Perhaps the
lover of darkness has established himself principally
in Charleston. Said a witty lady to me one day,
“Charleston is an owl’s nest!”

Casa Bianca, April 16. I rove about in the
neighborhood, through the rice fields and negro
villages, which amuses me greatly. The slave
villages consist of small, whitewashed wooden
houses, for the most part built in two rows, forming
a street, each house standing detached in its
little yard or garden, and generally with two or
three trees around it. The houses are neat and
clean, and such a village, with its peach trees in
blossom, presents an agreeable appearance.

Yesterday forenoon—it was Sunday—there was
divine worship for the negroes in a wagon-shed,
which had been emptied for the purpose. It
was clean and airy, and the slaves assembled there
were well dressed and well behaved. The sermon
and the preacher (a white missionary) were
exceptionally dry. Yet I was astonished at the people’s
glad and ready reception of every single expression
of beauty and feeling. Thus, when the
preacher introduced the words from Job, “The Lord
gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed
be the name of the Lord!” there was a general stir
among the hearers; the words were repeated;

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