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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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many exclaimed Amen! Amen! and I saw many eyes full
of tears.

In the evening I wandered out to enjoy the
beauty of the atmosphere and to look about. I
have often heard it said by friends of slavery even
in the Northern States, as a proof of the happiness
of the slaves, that they dance and sing on the
plantations. And so, I thought, now I might have the
chance to see such a dance. I reached the slave
village. The little, white houses, overshadowed
by the pink blossoming trees, with their tiny plot
of garden, looked charming; the little fat, black
children were running about, eating a large yellow
tuber, the sweet potato, laughing if one only
looked at them, and especially inclined to shake
hands. In the village itself, however, everything
was quiet and still. A few negro men and women
were standing near their dwellings, and these
looked kind and interesting. I heard in one house
a sound as of prayer and zealous exhortation. I
entered and perceived an assemblage of negroes,
principally women, who were much edified and
affected in listening to a negro who was preaching
to them with great fervor and gesticulation, thumping
on the table with his clinched fists. The sum and
substance of his sermon was this: “Let us do
as Christ has commanded us; let us do as He
wishes, let us love one another. Then He will

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