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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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we do unless we keep up a good heart? If we
were to let it weaken, we should die!”

The others joined in the song of lamentation.

I bade them good night and went my way,
suspecting that all was not true in the slaves’

April 18. I have just returned from a solitary
ramble into the plantations, which has done me
good, for it has demonstrated that the slaves under
the peach-tree really did impose upon me. During
my wandering I saw standing at one place in the
rice field a number of small copper vessels, each
covered with a lid, from twenty-five to thirty in
number, just as one often sees with us the laborers’
noggings and baskets standing together in the grass.
I went up, lifted the lid of one, and saw that the
vessel contained warm, steaming food, which
smelled very good. Some of them were filled with
brown beans, others with maize pancakes. I now
saw the slaves coming up from a distance, walking
along the headland of the field. I waited till they
came up, and then asked permission to taste their
food, and I must confess that I have seldom tasted
better or more savory viands. The brown beans
were like our “princess beans,” boiled soft with
pork, and seasoned somewhat too highly for me.
But they tasted good, and so did the maize cakes

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