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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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was a clergyman. He conducted me through the
slave village and talked to me about the happiness
of the negro slaves, which convinced me that he
himself was a slave of Mammon. Certain it is
that under a good master they are far from
unhappy, and much better provided for than the
poor working people in many parts of Europe.
But under a wicked or poor master they are
doomed to a direful and hopeless misery. Sophists,
who are prone to see only the sunny side of
the picture, deny absolutely that any such are ever
to be found. But I have already seen and heard
enough of them. That which the North testifies
against the South I will not believe; but that which
the South testifies against itself I am compelled to
believe. Besides, the best master is no justification
for slavery, for the best master dies sooner or
later, and his slaves are then sold to the highest
bidder like cattle. The slaves out in the field
present a joyless appearance; their dark color and
gray dress, without a single white or colored garment
to enliven it, give them a dull and gloomy
aspect. I must, however, mention as an
exception the knitted cotton caps of the men,
which generally have a couple of red or
blue stripes knitted into the gray ground-color.
At work they look like figures of earth. The slave
villages, as I have already remarked, have rather

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