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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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a comfortable appearance, excepting that one
very rarely sees glass in the windows of their
dwellings. The window ordinarily consists of a
square opening, which is closed by a shutter. But
this is the condition, also, in the houses of the poor
white people, and in Carolina there are many such.
Inside one sees nearly always a couple of logs
burning on the hearth, and the household furniture
and little provision stores resemble those of
our poorest people in town and country. Here
and there, however, one sees a little more
prosperity; a little ornament about the house and
well-supplied beds. Every house has a pig-sty in which
there is generally a very fat pig; and many hens
and chickens swarm about the garden plot where
Indian corn, beans, and different kinds of roots are
grown. But these small plots do not look well
cared for. The slaves sell eggs and chickens, and
at Christmas their pig also, and thus obtain a little
money to buy treacle or molasses (of which they are
very fond), biscuits and other eatables. They often
lay by money, and I have heard of slaves possessing
several hundred dollars. This money is
ordinarily invested at interest with their masters,
whom they regard as their best friends, when they
are good, and who really are so. All the slave
villages that I saw resemble each other entirely,
only that some of the habitations are better kept

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