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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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deceased, and his death is mourned in the
Southern States as the greatest misfortune.

Calhoun has sat many years in Congress as the
most powerful advocate of slavery, not merely
as a necessary evil, but as a good, both for the
slave and his owner, and has been an influential
champion of the rights of the South. Calhoun,
Clay, and Webster have long been celebrated as
a triumvirate of great statesmen, the greatest in
all the land: Calhoun in the South, Clay in the
West and Middle West, and Webster in the New
England States, although there is much opposition
in New England against Webster, particularly
among the anti-slavery party. All have been
mighty political champions, admired and feared,
loved and hated. There yet remain two. The
third fell on the scene of combat, fighting in death,
and, as it seemed, even against it. His portrait
and bust, of which I have seen many, give me the
impression of a burning volcano. The hair stands
on end, the deep-set eyes flash, and deep furrows
mark the thin, keen countenance. It is impossible
from this exterior, which seems to have been ravaged
alike by sickness and passion, to surmise the
fascinating society man, the amiable family head
with morals as pure as those of a woman, the
excellent friend, the good master almost adored by
servants and slaves—in a word the kind human

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