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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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being which even his enemies acknowledge him to
have been. Political ambition and party spirit
seem to have been his demons and to have hastened
his death. Clay, in his speech on Calhoun
in the Senate, made some gently warning allusions
to this. His fight for slavery was “political
bravado,” said a clever lady, who was not a member
of the anti-slavery party. Pity that so good a
man should live and have died for so wretched a
thing! In South Carolina the idolatry of him
was carried to the extreme, and it has been said
that “when Calhoun took snuff the whole of Carolina
sneezed.” Even now people talk and write
about him as though he were some divine person.

Macon, Vineville, Georgia, May 7, 1850. At a camp
After supper I went to look
around, and was astonished by a spectacle that I
shall never forget. The night was dark with
thunder-clouds as well as natural darkness; but
the rain had ceased, except for a few heavy drops,
and the whole wood stood in flames. Upon eight
fire-altars, or fire-hills as they are called—a sort
of lofty table raised on posts around the
tabernacle—burned, with a flickering brilliance of flame,
large billets of firewood containing a large amount
of resin, while on every side in the wood, far away
in its most remote recesses, large or smaller fires

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