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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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foreheads; and on the side of the blacks their spiritual
leaders and exhorters, among whom many were mulattoes,
men of highly remarkable energetic exterior.

The later it grew in the night, the more earnest
grew the appeals; and the short hymns, fervent as
the flames, ascended like these with passionate
ardor. Again and again they arose, like melodiously
flaming sighs, from thousands of harmonious
voices. The preachers increased their fervor;
two stood with their faces turned toward the camp
of the blacks, two toward that of the whites, extending
their hands and calling on the sinners to come,
come, all of them, now at this time, at this
moment, which was perhaps the last that remained
to them in which to approach the Savior, to escape
eternal damnation! Midnight came on, the fires
burned dimmer, but the exaltation increased and
became universal. The singing of hymns mingled
with the invitations of the preachers, and the
exhortations of the leaders with the groans and
cries of the assembly. And then, from the whites,
came young girls and men, throwing themselves,
as if entirely overcome, on the low altar-counters.
These were then met on the other side by the
ministers, who bent down to them, received their
confessions, encouraged and consoled them. In the
black camp was heard a great tumult and a loud

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