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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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cry. Men roared and bawled out; women squealed
like pigs about to be killed; many, having fallen
into convulsions, leaped and struck about them so
that they had to be held down. Here and there it
looked like a regular fight, and some of the
participants laughed. Many a cry of anguish could
be heard, but no words excepting, “Oh, I am a
sinner!” and “Jesus! Jesus!” And during this
excitement the singing continued loud and beautiful,
and the thunder joined in with its pealing kettledrum.

While this spectacle is going on in the black
camp, we observe a quieter scene among the whites.
Some of the forms who had repentingly hurled
themselves on their knees at the counter are
moving away, but others remain there, and the
ministers seem to be talking or singing to them in
vain. One of these, a young girl, is lifted up by
her friends and found to be in a trance. She now
lies with her head in the lap of a woman dressed
in mourning, with her pretty young face turned
upward, rigid, and as it appears, totally unconscious.
The woman in mourning and another,
also in black attire, both with beautiful,
sorrowful countenances, softly fan the young girl and
watch her with serious looks, while ten or twelve
women, most of them young, stand around her,
singing softly and sweetly a hymn of the

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