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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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excellently. In one tent we saw a fat negro member
walking about by himself and breathing heavily.
He was hoarse, and with a sigh he exclaimed to
himself, “Oh, I wish I could hollo!” In some
tents people were sitting by the fires, and there
visits were received, greetings made, and friendly
conversations introduced, while everywhere
prevailed a quiet, earnest state of feeling, which we
experienced whenever we stopped and talked to
people. These blacks have something warm and
kind about them which I like very much. One can
perceive that they are products of a warm sun. In
the camp of the whites the state of feeling was
considerably calmer. Families could be seen sitting
at their tables, eating and drinking. Finally we
returned to our tent.

At sunrise I heard something that resembled
the humming of an enormous wasp in a spider’s
web. It was an alarm which gave the sign for the
general rising. At half-past five I was dressed
and out. The negroes’ hymns were still to be heard
on all sides. The sun shone powerfully; the air
was oppressive. People were cooking and having
breakfast by the fires, and a crowd was already
assembling on the benches under the tabernacle.
At seven the morning worship and sermon
commenced. I had observed that the preachers
avoided exciting the people’s feelings too much,

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