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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and that they themselves appeared without
emotion. This morning their discourses seemed feeble
to me, and especially to be wanting in popular
eloquence. They preached morality. But a mere
moral sermon should not be preached when the
heart is to be won; you should then tell in the
language of the heart the miracle of spiritual life.
It was therefore a real refreshment to me when
the unimpassioned and well-fed preachers who had
spoken that morning gave place to an elderly man
with a lively and somewhat humorous countenance,
who from the throng of hearers ascended the
pulpit and began to address the multitude in quite
another tone. It was familiar, fresh, cordial,
and humorous; somewhat in the tone of Father Taylor.
I should like to have heard him address these people,
but then I am afraid the negroes would have been
quite beside themselves!

The principal sermon of the day was preached
about eleven o’clock by a lawyer from one of the
neighboring states, a tall, thin gentleman, with
strongly marked, keen features, and deep-set,
brilliant eyes. He preached about the Last Judgment,
and described in a most vivid manner “the fork-like
cloven flames, the thunder, the general destruction
of all things,” and besides pictured it as
being possibly near at hand. “As yet, indeed,” he
exclaimed, “I have not felt the earth tremble

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