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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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of food and drink. Several of the tents were even
furnished like rooms with made-up beds, mirrors,
and such like. The people appeared gay, happy,
and gentle. These religious camp-meetings are
the saturnalia of the negro slaves. In these they
luxuriate both soul and body, as is their natural
inclination to do; but on this occasion everything
was carried on with decency and befitting
reverence. . . .

At seven o’clock one morning I was in a railway
carriage on my way to Macon, a long and very
wearisome day’s journey, especially in the great
heat, and the smoke and steam that filled the
carriages. The road lay through a barren, sandy
extent of country, overgrown with pine forest, and
practically devoid of human habitations, excepting
at the railway stations, where small colonies
were beginning to form, trades were followed,
and the meagre soil cultivated. At a few of these
I alighted and botanized in the wood, where I
found several yellow orchises.

The amusement of the journey was furnished
by a fat, jolly-looking gentleman in my own
carriage, a man in a cap and gray coat, in person not
unlike a mealsack, upon which the head was set,
round and movable as a top, and who talked politics,
constantly pouring out his vials of wrath
against the late Tom Jefferson, president and

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