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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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opportunity of becoming acquainted with the
domestic life and the homes of the New World, with
the innermost life of this hemisphere, in a manner
which scarcely any other traveler ever enjoyed,
and which is of the highest consequence to me,
because it familiarizes me with just what I want.
But I had no idea of the degree to which the kindness
and hospitality of this people would respond
to my wishes. And the nature and arrangement
of the homes themselves, even in the cities, contribute
to this condition. Every family in tolerably
easy circumstances inhabits an entire house,
and has besides, generally, a little garden, or at
all events a grass-plot. The house has one or
two parlors on the ground floor, besides dining-room,
kitchen, etc. All the bed-chambers are in
the upper stories, and there are always one or two,
sometimes more, guest-chambers. The guest-chamber
in an American city house is a requisite
to be taken for granted, just as the same room
in a Swedish country home. Every house here,
whether in town or country, must have its room to
lodge the stranger. Finding here the comforts
of my own home, finding motherly mistresses of
families, sisters and brothers with whom I have
lived and conversed as openly and familiarly as
with my own near relatives—all this has made me feel that
the kingdom of heaven is not, after all,

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