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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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You then begin an interesting conversation with
your neighbor; and, just as you are about to ask
some question of importance, a person opposite you
observes that you are not eating pickles, and the
pickle-bottle comes to you from across the table,
and in self-justification, you are called upon to say
once more, “No, I thank you, not any,” and continue
the conversation.

But again, at the moment you are waiting for some
reply interesting to you, comes the servant, perhaps
the very best “daddy” in the whole black world,
and shoots the pickle-bottle in between you and
your conversable neighbor, and with horror you
behold pickles ready to be put upon your plate,
so that in the end you find yourself quite overcome
by the pickle persecution. Thus goes on the meal—one
incessant bustle of serving, which takes away
all enjoyment of the food.

An American house and home is in many respects
the ideal of a home, if I except the apparatus
for warming the houses in the Northern States.
Everything is to be found there that can make
existence invigorating, comfortable, and agreeable,
from the bathroom to the little garden, both
in town and country, with at least a few
trees, and beautiful plants and grass-plots.
Frequently blooming vines are climbing up the walls
on trellises, whence their flowers, wafted by the

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