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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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wind, diffuse their fragrance through the windows.

I admire what I saw of the Southern ladies and
mistresses of families. The young girls, on the
contrary, I should like to see a little more active
in the house and more helpful to their mothers in
various ways. But it is not the custom; and the
parents, from mistaken kindness, seem not to wish
their daughters to do anything except to amuse
themselves and enjoy life and liberty as much as
possible. I believe that they would be happier if
they made themselves more useful. The family
relationship between parents and children seems
to me in general to be very congenial, especially
as regards the parents toward the children. The
maternal instinct is inborn in the American woman,
at least in so far as its depth and fervor is
concerned; and better, more affectionate family fathers
than the men of America I have seen nowhere in
the world. They have in particular a charming
weakness for—daughters. And God bless them
for it! I hope the daughters may know how to
repay it with interest.


Savannah, May 14, 1850. My world here has
changed, as well as my feelings toward the
Southern life and people. My mental vision has
become clear, so that I can perceive a noble South

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