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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the whole town, and that was Mrs. Scarborough’s!
And when he came there he seated himself in the
window. But a cord was drawn around the house
to keep us negroes and other poor folks from
coming too near. We had to stand outside and
only get a sight of the president as he sat at the
window. But the great gentlemen and the rich
folks went freely up the steps and in through the
door and shook hands with him. Now, did Christ
come in this way? Did He come only to the rich?
Did He shake hands only with them? No! Blessed
be the Lord! He came to the poor! He came to
us, and for our sakes, my brothers and sisters!”
“Yes, yes! Amen! He came to us! Blessed be His
name! Amen! Halleluiah!” resounded through
the chapel for a good minute or two; and the
people stamped with their feet, and laughed and
cried, with countenances beaming with joy. The
preacher then continued to tell how Christ proved
Himself to be the messenger of the Highest. “Now
imagine, my friends,” said he, “that we here are
a plantation of negro laborers. But the owner of
the plantation is away; he is a long, long way off,
over the sea in England, and the negroes of the
plantation have never seen his face. They have
never seen any man higher than the overseer. But
now they hear that the owner of the plantation,
their lord and master, is coming; and they are very

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