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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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curious to see him and inquire about him every
day. One day they see the overseer coming, and
with him another gentleman whom they have
never seen before, but one whose dress is not
good, and much simpler than the overseer’s. The
overseer has a fine buttoned coat on, a white
cravat, a handsome hat on his head, and besides
that, gloves on his hands. The strange gentleman,
on the contrary, has no gloves on, and is dressed
in quite a simple, careless way. If the negroes
had not known their overseer, they never would
have believed that this was their master. They see,
however, that the stranger gives orders to the
overseer that he shall send one negro here and
another there, that he has many of them called
to him, and that the overseer and the negroes
must do as he commands; and from this they can
see that he is their master.”

How vivid and excellent is this representation of
negro life to the colored people, drawn as it is from
their everyday experience!

In the afternoon of the same day I also accompanied
Mr. Fay to hear another colored preacher.
This was an old mulatto, a strong, handsome old
man, who had acquired some property and was
greatly esteemed by his people as a preacher and
baptizer. He resembled the whites both in manner
and appearance. He mentioned during his

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