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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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only one scene, yet this scene was primeval forest.
Masses of foliage from innumerable trees and
shrubs and beautiful climbing plants seemed resting
upon the water on each side of the river, the shores
of Georgia and Carolina. Lofty, deep and impenetrable
extended the primeval forest—as I was told, for many
miles inland.

But here it existed in its original luxuriance and
splendor. I seemed to myself to be present on the
third day of creation, when God called forth the
vegetable world, “every tree whose seed was in
itself after his kind.” On the day when the earth
opened its maternal breast and produced all the
various trees and flowers of the earth, Savannah,
with its red-brown water, was a river newly sprung
from chaos and rich with its essence, nor yet had
had time to settle itself and clear its water when
the green plants of earth sprang forth in wild
luxuriance; it seemed to play with them, and they,
newly upsprung from the water, seemed to have
no wish to part from it, but half longed to fall
back into it. Flower-laden climbing plants flung
themselves to the very tops of the trees, and then
fell down to dip again in the waves of the river.
From amid these masses of verdure, forming
porticoes, pyramids, and the most fantastic and
massive creations, glanced forth, now and then,
a catalpa, all flaming with its yellowish-white

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