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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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then I thought, what a poem, what a glorious
romance is this portion of the world in its natural
life; what wealth, what beauty, what varied scenes
it embraces in its bosom! I was now again alone
with America; America revealed her mysteries to
me and made me aware of her wealth, the inheritance
of future generations.

The voyage was an incessant feast for me, and
I wished only to be silent and enjoy it. But in
order to do that, I had to avoid, in the saloon, a
throng of handsome but noisy young girls who
had made, on their own account, a pleasure-party
and now ran about here and there, chattering,
calling to one another, and laughing; and on deck,
a few gentlemen, planters, who were polite and
wished to talk, but talked only of “cotton, cotton,
cotton,” and how the world was beginning to busy
itself about American cotton. I fled away from
these worshipers of cotton, and endeavored to be
alone with the river and the primeval forest and
with the light and shadows within it. There was
with the troop of young girls also a youth, a
handsome man, a brother or relative of some of
them. Later on in the evening he had to leave the
vessel, and then the noisy young girls took hold of
him, embraced and kissed him, the one after the
other, in fun and amid laughter, while he, half
annoyed and half amused, endeavored to get loose

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