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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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from them. What impression would that young
man carry away with him of that night’s scene?
Not esteem for woman. One of the elder gentlemen
on deck shook his head at the young girls’
behavior. “They make a fool of that young man!”
said he to me. It was not till late in the night that
I could get to sleep for the noise which these
girls made.

The next day was Sunday, and life seemed to
celebrate a holy day, so still and so festively
adorned appeared all nature. The noisy young
girls had become quiet, and assembled before the
door of my cabin, which was open toward the
river. They were evidently in a state of mind to
hear something serious. The peace of the Sabbath
rested upon them. Had now some sower,
commissioned of Heaven, sown the seed of truth
and the comprehension of the higher life in the
souls of these young girls, the seed would
assuredly have fallen in good ground. I have
faith in the inborn pure earnestness of woman’s
nature and its kinship with the highest spiritual
life, and it grieved me when I saw it running wild
as in this case. Not that I think a moment of
wildness is of much consequence in a human life; all
depends upon the main direction of the whole.
But if nature is left to itself, it becomes a wilderness,
and wildernesses of human nature are very

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