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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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accident, produced from the joys and the sorrows
of a child-like race. The rhyme comes as it may,
sometimes clumsily, sometimes no rhyme at all,
sometimes most wonderfully fresh and perfect;
the rhythm is excellent, and the descriptions have
local coloring and distinctiveness. Alabama,
Louisiana, Tennessee, Carolina, “Old Virginny,”
all the melodious names of the Southern States and
places there, the abodes of the slaves, are
introduced into their songs, as well as their love
histories, and give a local interest and coloring not
only to the song, but to the state and to the place
which they sing about. Thus these songs are like
flowers and fragrance from the negro life in those
states—like flowers cast upon the waves of the
river, and borne hither and thither by the wind—
like fragrance from the flowers of the wilderness
in their summer life, because there is no
bitterness, no gloomy spirit in these songs. They
are the offspring of life’s summer day, and bear
witness to this. And if bitterness and the condition
of slavery were to cease forever in the free land
of the United States, these songs would still live,
and bear witness to the light of life, even as the
phosphorescent beam of the fire-fly shines, though
the glow-worm may be crushed. . . .

I here became acquainted with a German, Professor
Lieber, an author of talent, and a worthy

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