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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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a little sense of the good which abundantly exists
here, which is here in operation, I have perfectly
understood that bitter feeling which ferments,
even in noble minds, toward the despotic and
unreasonable North, against that portion of the
North which is so opposed to the South; against
the ultra-abolitionists and their violence. It is
merely when I oppose them to the ultra of the
pro-slavery party that I hold with the former. But
what would I not give if the South, the true, the
noble South, would itself take the subject of
contention in hand, and silence the mouth of its
opponents, silence their blame, both just and
unjust, in a great and noble way, by laws which
would bring about a gradual emancipation, by
one law, at least, which should allow the slaves
to purchase their own freedom and that of their
families at a reasonable price, a price which should
be established by law. This, it seems to me, might
be required from the Southern States, as an
act of justice to themselves, to their native land—so
far as they desire to have part in its proud character
of liberty, and which they do desire—as an
act of justice to their posterity, to the people whom
they have enslaved, and for whom they thereby
would open a future, first by means of hope, by a
noble object for which to strive, and then a new
existence in a life of freedom, either in Africa, or

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