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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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here in their adopted country, as the free servants
or laborers of the whites; for I confess that,
according to my opinion, the Southern States would
lose a great part of their charm and their peculiar
character in losing their black population.
Bananas, negroes, and negro songs are the greatest
refreshments of the mind, according to my experience,
which I found in the United States. And to
every one, whether in Old or New England, who is
troubled by spleen or dyspepsia, or over-excitement
of brain or nerves, I would recommend, as a radical
cure, a journey to the South to eat bananas, to
see the negroes, and hear their songs. It will do
them good to go through the primeval forest, with
its flowers and its odors, and to sail upon the red
rivers! But the negroes are preferable to everything
else. They are the life and the good humor
of the South. The more I see of this people, their
manners, their disposition, way of talking, of acting,
of moving, the more I am convinced that they
are a distinct stock in the great human family, and
are intended to present a distinct physiognomy, a
distinct form of the old type man, and this
physiognomy is the result of temperament. . . .

As regards the slave owners, I may divide them into
three classes: Mammon-worshipers, patriarchs,
and heroes or men of progress. The first regard
the slaves merely from a pecuniary point

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