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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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I have seen various instances of the kind, and they
appear to me very natural. There is, upon the
whole, no human being for whom I have a greater
esteem and sympathy than the good and conscientious
slaveholder, for his position is one of difficulty
and full of trouble. . . .

One evening which I spent at Mr. Gilman’s I
was present at the evening worship of the negroes,
in a hall which that good, right-thinking minister
had allowed them to use for the purpose. The first
speaker, an old negro, was obliged to give place to
another, who said he was so full of the power of
the word that he could not possibly keep silence,
and he poured forth his eloquence for a good hour,
but said the same thing over and over again. These
colored preachers were far inferior to those whom I
heard in Savannah.

Finally, he admonished one of the sisters “to
pray.” On this, an elderly, sickly woman began
immediately to pray aloud, and her evident fervor
in thanksgiving for the consolation of the Gospel
of Christ, and her testimony on behalf of His
powers, in her own long and suffering life, were
really affecting. But the prayer was too long; the
same thing was repeated too often, with an incessant
thumping on the bench with her fists as an
accompaniment to every groan of prayer. At the
close of this, and when another sister was

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