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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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essential part of the resemblance fails - namely, the
. . . .

Of the mysteries of Charleston I shall not tell
you anything because I know them not, excepting
by rumor, and that which I know merely by rumor
I leave untold. Dark mysteries, more indeed than
rumor has told, cannot fail in a great city in which
slavery abides. I have heard it said that there is
a flogging institution in Charleston for slaves,
which brings the city a yearly revenue of more
than ten thousand dollars. Every person who
wishes to have his slave punished by the whip
sends him there with money for his chastisement.
I have both heard and read of this many times,
and I believe it to be true. But the position of
things here makes it difficult, nay, next to impossible,
for me to search into such things. And I
cannot and will not become a spy. I receive merely
that which comes to me compulsively by my own
experience, and which I therefore consider as a
knowledge by higher design, as a something which
I ought to know and to receive. I have here properly
to do with the ideal and to cease and present
it purely and faithfully. And it is in the feeling
of that ideal South, as it already exists in some
degree, and as it sometime may wholly exist in
order to fulfill the design of the Creator, that I
now bid farewell to the South with both

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