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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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by the rising ground, both from the park and the
house, so that the poor captives may fancy themselves
in perfect freedom. There is also a beautiful
museum of stuffed birds and other animals,
with collections of shells and minerals, where the
diseased mind may divert itself and derive instruction,
occupation and amusement being the principal
means employed for the improvement of these
unfortunates. For this reason lectures are
delivered two or three times a week in a large hall.
They frequently meet for general amusement, as
for concerts, dances and so on, and the appliances
for various kinds of games, such as billiards, chess,
etc., are provided. I heard on all hands music in
the house. Music is especially an effective means
of cure. Many of the patients played on the piano
remarkably well. They showed me an elderly
lady, who had been brought hither in a state of
perfect fatuity. They gave her a piano and
encouraged her to play some little simple pieces, such
as she had played in her youth. By degrees the
memory of many of these early pieces re-awoke,
until the whole of her childhood’s music revived
within her, and with it, as it seemed, the world of
her childhood. She played to me and went with
visible delight from one little piece to another,
while her countenance became as bright and as
innocently gay as that of a happy child. She will

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