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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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probably never become perfectly well and strong
in mind; but she spends here a happy, harmless
life in the music of her early years. Many of the
ladies, and in particular the younger ones, occupy
themselves in making artificial flowers, some of
which they gave me, and they were very well done.
The men are much employed in field labor and
gardening. A niece of the great Washington was
here: a handsome old lady, with features greatly
resembling those of the president, and well-bred
manners. She was very pale, and was said to
be rather weak than diseased in mind. The number
of beautiful flowers here, particularly of roses,
was extraordinary, and even the incurables,
if they have a moment of sane consciousness, find
themselves surrounded by roses. . . .

I must also say a few words about the Philadelphia
penitentiary. In the center of the large
rotunda, into which run all the various passages
with their prison-cells, like radii to one common
center, sat, in an arm-chair, comfortable and
precise, in his drab coat with large buttons and
broad-brimmed hat, the Quaker, Mr. Scattergood, like a
great spider watching the flies which had been
caught in the net. But no! this simile does not at
all accord with the thing and the man—that kind,
elderly gentleman, with a remarkably sensible and
somewhat humorous exterior. A more excellent

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