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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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but continued very much about the same, which
is a pleasing fact, as the population of the city
has considerably increased during this time, and
increases every year. Less pleasing and satisfactory
is it, as regards the effect of the system, that
the same prisoners not unfrequently return, and
for the same kind of crime. But this is natural
enough. It is not easy to amend a fault which has
become habitual through many years, nor easy to
amend old criminals. Hence the hope of the New
World is not to reform so much through prisons
as through schools, and still more through the
homes; when all homes become what they ought
to be, and what many already are, the great
reformatory work will be done.

I have heard of various benevolent institutions
in the city, which I yet hope to visit. And in every
one of these the Quakers take part, either as
founders or directors, and in every case the same
spirit of human love is observable as animated the
first lawgiver of Pennsylvania, the founder of
Philadelphia, William Penn; and the more I see
of the Quakers the better I like them. The men
have something sly and humorous about them, a
sort of dry humor which is very capital; they are
fond of telling a good story, commonly illustrative
of the peace-principle, and intended to prove
how well this and worldly wisdom may go together

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