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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Several Quaker families in England united to
prepare for themselves and their friends an asylum
on the other side of the Atlantic – in that land
which had given a home to George Fox. They
purchased, therefore, land along the banks of the
Delaware, and set out with a large number of
adherents to establish there a community whose one
law and rule should be the inner law of the heart,
enlightened by the inner light. To this party
William Penn soon attached himself, and took the
lead in the colony as its natural head and governor.

In the fundamental principles of their legislation
the Friends adhered to that of the Puritan
colony of New Hampshire; “their concessions
were such as Friends could approve of,” because,
said they, the power is vested in the people. But
the Quakers went further than the Pilgrim Fathers
in their understanding of and application of this
principle. The Puritans had made the Scriptures
their guide and rule; the Friends made the Spirit
the interpreter of the Scriptures. The Puritans
had given the congregation a right to select their
own ministers; the Friends would not have any
priests at all. Every human being, man or woman,
was a priest, and had the right to preach to others
if the spirit moved them, and the inner voice
admonished them to give utterance to any truths;
for the inner light was sent to all. The Puritans

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