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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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had given the right to vote to every man in the
community, and all questions of law or judgment
were to be decided by a majority of voices; the
Friends, believing in the power of the inner light,
and the final unanimity of the inner light in all,
allowed in their councils any questions under
discussion to be dealt with again and again, until all
became voluntarily and unanimously agreed. The
Puritans had built their churches without ornaments
or pictures; the Friends built no churches.
They assembled in halls or houses, called
meeting-rooms, and sat there together in silence, listening
to the revelation of the inner voice, and speaking
merely when this admonished them to say anything.
The Puritans regarded woman as the helper
of man and his companion in the house and on the
private path of life; the Friends regarded woman
as man’s helper also in his life as a citizen, as his
helper in the business of his public as well as his
private life, and acknowledged the right of woman
to speak, as well in the Senate as the Church. The
Female Assemblies of Council were of as much
weight as those of the men, and the inspiration of
woman was listened to with reverence when she
stood forth, at the call of the Spirit, in their
meeting-houses. The Puritans had simplified the
marriage ceremony. The Friends rejected marriage
by a priest, and it became a civil rite. If a man and

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