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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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woman declared themselves willing to live together
as a married pair, that sufficed to constitute a
marriage. The inner voice was enough to sanctify
the union and to make it firm; the inner voice alone
could point out the way and keep the heart pure.

Thus pure, thus sublime, were the principles
which guided this little people, who went over to
the New World to make that “holy experiment,”
as William Penn terms it; to found a community
wholly and entirely based upon that which is most
inward and most spiritual in human life. Thus
began the colony which, under the guidance of
William Penn, extended itself into the most
flourishing condition, and received the name of
Pennsylvania. Penn desired to found in it a free colony
for all mankind....

Looking now at the principles of Quakerism in and
for themselves, I see clearly that they are the
same doctrines for which Socrates died and Luther
lived, and for which the great Gustavus Adolphus
fought and conquered and died the death of the
hero—the right to freedom of thought, of faith
in the light and voice of God in the soul of man;
this principle, arising in George Fox from the very
heart of the people, and thence becoming the vital
principle of people, Church, and State, constitutes
the peculiarity of Quakerism, thoroughly permeating
social life.

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