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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the beauty of nature, and are deficient in that universal
sense which belongs to the Scandinavians—though
it sometimes a little oversteps itself with
them—and which made a certain eccentric acquaintance
say, “One should eat in God; one should
play and sing in God; nay, one should dance in

But peace be with Quakerism! It has accomplished
its mission and borne the torch of light before
mankind for a season, during its passage “out
of darkness, and through the shadows to the
light.” It has had its time. There is an end of
the earlier power of the sect. But its influence
still exists, and is in force in the New World,
especially as the principle of stern uprightness and
public benevolence, and it will yet by this open
new paths for the people of the New World. The
doctrine of the inner light died not, but seeks a
union with another higher light. It has, especially
in its declared equality of man and woman, a rich
seed which must germinate through a wider
sphere. How little danger there is in this avowed
equality, and how little outward change is produced
by it in society, the Quaker community
demonstrated practically. Men and women have
there the same privileges, and exercise them alike.
But in all this they have remained true to their
nature; she turns rather into the home; he, more

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