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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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outward, to the community. The women have
remained equally feminine, but have become more
marked in character. The different characteristics
of the two have, in that which was the best,
remained unchanged, but have been improved,
elevated where they were worst. That “holy experiment”
proves itself to have been in this respect
wholly successful, and ought to have led to a yet
grander experiment.

June 27. Yesterday I was present at a meeting
of the Orthodox Quakers. About two hundred
persons were assembled in a large, light hall
without the slightest ornament, the men on one side, the
women on the other, and with these a number of
children. The people sat on benches quite silent,
and looking straight before them, all except myself,
who looked a little about me, but very quietly. It
was a very hot day, and the silence and the immovability
of the assembly were oppressive to me. And
I kept thinking the whole time, “Will not the
Spirit move some of the assembly?” But no! the
Spirit moved not one. An old gentleman coughed,
and I sneezed, and the leaves of the trees moved
softly outside the window. This was the only
movement I perceived. There sat the women,
with their drab bonnets all of one color and form,
like upturned, flat-bottomed boats, and appearing

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