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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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less agreeable to me than common. Nevertheless,
I saw in many countenances and eyes an expression
which evidently testified to the depth of the Spirit,
although in this depth I failed to find—light. And the
children, the poor little children, who were obliged
to sit still and keep awake, without occupation
and without any object for their childish
attention—what could they think of? thought I,
who can not think deeply on a subject unless I am
walking. Thus we sat, in heat and silence,
certainly for an hour, until two of the elders who sat
in the gallery rose up and extended to each other
their hands, which was the signal for the general
breaking up, and I was glad to get out into the
open air. On Sunday I shall visit the meeting of
the Unitarian Quakers and see whether the Spirit
is more alive among them. Here it was deep,
perhaps, but it did not come out of the depth into
the day. As discipline, these silent meetings may,
in any case, be excellent. Of the undisciplined,
who talk at random, without purpose or effect, one
has enough in the world.

Sunday. Yes, of a truth the Spirit was alive
there, and moved first a man and then a woman,
and I heard the Spirit speak from the heart of
Quakerism itself. The preacher, whose name I
have forgotten, an elderly gentleman with an

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