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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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physiognomy and bearing, which, on the whole,
was calm and dignified, but which nevertheless
does not prevent occurrence of scenes that are
considerably disturbing and unworthy of
senatorial dignity.

The two great statesmen, Clay and Webster,
were both in the Senate. Daniel Webster bears a
remarkable likeness to our deceased Archbishop
Wallin, especially in the large deep-set eyes and
strong, magnificent, arched forehead; but he is a
handsomer man, and looks more massive. His
head is really magnificent. Webster represents
Massachusetts, and Clay Kentucky, in the Senate.
As regards the great questions of contention
between the North and the South in this country,
Webster appears to be the representative of the
moderate party in the North, and Clay of the
moderate party in the South. The Senate is divided
in the house into two portions. Each senator has
a little desk before him, upon which paper and
books are placed. The vice-president, who is
speaker, and who sits upon a somewhat elevated
platform in front of both parties, with the American
eagle displayed above him, is a handsome,
powerful figure, with an open, manly countenance.
In the gallery apportioned to the public, which
runs around the house above the heads of the
senators, the front seat, according to American

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