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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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politeness, is left for ladies, and one hears
remarkably well from this gallery.

The House of Representatives produces a less
striking effect. The space is much larger and not
so well lighted as that of the Senate; the throng
of people is much greater also, and they talk and
behave in a much less dignified manner. The
whole produced a chaotic impression on my mind;
nor could I hear one single word from the gallery.
The sound does not ascend clearly, and the worthy
members talked with the rapidity of a torrent. I
shook hands with many, both of the senators and
the representatives. They were all particularly
polite and merry.

In the afternoon, the senator from New Hampshire
took Miss Lynch and myself to the White
house, the residence of the president, General
Taylor, just outside the city. There in the park,
every Saturday afternoon, is military music, and
the people walk at pleasure. The president was
out among the crowd. I was introduced to him,
and we shook hands. He is kind and agreeable,
both in appearance and manner, and was simply,
almost negligently, dressed. He is not considered
to possess any great talent as a statesman, but is
universally esteemed for the spotless purity of
his character and for his ability and humanity as a
general. It was the Mexican war which made

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