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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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him president. His demeanor struck me as civil
rather than military. Vice-president Fillmore,
with whom I also became acquainted this evening,
looks more of a president than Taylor.

Later. I have just returned from the Capitol,
where I passed the forenoon, but where we walked
about arm in arm with the senators, and talked
with them much more than we listened to the
speeches in the Senate; but I will do that before
long. The entrance of California into the Union,
with or without slavery, is the great contested
question of the day, which splits the North and the
South into two hostile parties. No one knows as
yet how the contest will end, and it is reported that
the president said lately that all was dark. Henry
Clay, who is endeavoring to bring about a compromise,
and who has long labored for this purpose,
has latterly set the whole Senate against him, it is
said, by his despotic and overbearing behavior,
and he is now quite worn out by the opposition he
meets with from his colleagues. He complained
bitterly of this to-day, when Anne Lynch and I
called upon him before Congress. I had seen him
the day before at the White House.

He now inquired from me about King Oscar I,
his character, his standing with the people, etc. So
many trivial and insignificant questions are asked

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