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October 5

(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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October 5. Through the whole day I have had nothing to do but to receive visits; to sit or stand in a grand parlor and merely turn from one to another, receiving the salutations and shaking hands, sometimes with half a dozen new acquaintances at once—gentlemen of all professions and all nations, ladies who invite me to their house and home, and who wish that I would go immediately. Besides, I have received a number of letters, which I could merely break open, requests for autographs, and so on. I have shaken hands with from seventy to eighty persons to-day, while I was unable to receive the visits of many others. Of the names I remember scarcely any, but the greater number of the people whom I have seen please me from their cordial, frank manners, and I am grateful to them for their extreme friendliness toward me; it feels so warm and hospitable. Nevertheless, I was very glad to be relieved for a few hours from my friends, and to drive out with Mr. Downing to the beautiful Greenwood, the large and new cemetery of New York, a young Père la Chaise, but on a more gigantic scale as to
location and plan. One drives as if in an extensive English park, amid hill and dale. From the highest point, Ocean Hill as it is called, one looks out to the sea—a glorious view. I should like to repose here.

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