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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Berzelius and Oersted, as well as an uncommonly
amiable man. Vice-president Fillmore came in the
evening; he is a very gentlemanly person, and shines
greatly in conversation.

July 3. I spent last evening with Daniel Webster
and various other persons. Webster does not look
well; he has a sallow complexion, keeps himself
much apart from others, is silent, and has a heavy
and absent look. His charming and amiable wife
placed herself beside me, wishing that I might
have the pleasure of hearing him speak. He has
extraordinary eyes; when they open and fix their
gaze upon you, you seem to look into a catacomb
full of ancient wisdom; but not much of this comes
out into every-day conversation and social life,
and his depth lies very deep in that magnificently
formed head. The man himself seems to be
perfectly simple and without regard to the world’s
fashions—a very decided character; one which
looks like what it is. He seems to me, however,
to be one of those whose powers show
themselves most beautifully on great and momentous

Washington, July 10. As I sat yesterday in the
Senate house, listening patiently, or more correctly,
impatiently, to a long and tedious pro-slavery

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