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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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always could be felt like a dominant power; but
this is the case with all strong characters. . . .

I have visited every day the Senate and the
House of Representatives, though generally the
former, because I hear well there, and because as
a parliamentary assembly it seems, in every respect,
to stand above the other.

In the House of Representatives no speaker
may occupy more than an hour of time. As soon
as the hour is at an end, and a little bell rings,
another speaker has a right to interrupt him, even
should it be in the very midst of this most
profound argument or in the highest flight of his
genius, and demand general attention for his
speech, which may occupy another hour, after
which he again must give place to some one else.
And as the speakers in a general way speak with
great ease, and have a deal to say, they are anxious
to make good use of their power, and that, I
suppose, is the reason for the headlong speed with
which the speech is hurled forth, like an avalanche,
into the House, at least it has been so every time
I have been there. A certain kind of hurry-scurry
seems to prevail in this house, which contrasts
strongly with the decorum of the Senate. There
each senator may speak as long as he will, nay
even through the whole of the session, if he chose,
without any one having a right to interrupt him,

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