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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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(Discussing the Compromise Bill in the Senate.)

Now for a little about the dramatis personae,
or such of them as appear to me most remarkable.

Henry Clay has his seat against the wall, to the
right of the entrance, is always there, attentive,
lively, following the discussion, throwing in now
and then a word, and not unfrequently taking
himself the lead in it. His cheek and eye have a
feverish glow, his voice and words are always
energetic, urged on by the impulsiveness of the
soul, and compel attention; his arguments are to
the purpose, striking, and, seeming to me to bear
the stamp of strong conviction, ought to produce
conviction in others; and when his strong resounding
voice thunders the battle cry “California"
(the last syllable of which he sounds in a peculiar
manner) through the Senate, amid the fight for
the freedom of California, then they feel that the
old warrior leads them forth to victory. Although
born in a slave state, Kentucky, and its representative,
and though a slaveholder himself, Clay’s
sympathies are evidently wholly and entirely in
favor of the system of freedom; and at the opening
of this session he frankly declared that he never
would allow the introduction of slavery into any
new state. And herein I recognize the great
statesman and the free son of the New World.

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