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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Near Clay, and before him in the row of seats,
you see the representative of the Granite State,
Mr. Hale, from New Hampshire, with a head not
unlike that of Napoleon, and a body and bearing
like a great, fat boy; a healthy, strong, highland
character, immovable in his principles as the
granite mountains, and with a mind as fresh as
the wind which blows around them. A strong
anti-slavery supporter, and inflexible toward any
concession on this question, he frequently puts the
whole house into the best of tempers by his humor
and his witty and sarcastic sallies. I like the man
very much. Near to him I see the senator from
Texas (the first president of that republican
Texas), General Houston, who required a month
to travel from his state to Washington. People
listen willingly to the magnificent old general, for
the sake of the picturesque and fresh descriptions
which he introduces in his speeches. His expression
is good-tempered and manly, with a touch of
military chivalry. He has the peculiarity of cutting
little bits of wood with his penknife during all the
discussions in the Senate. I also see the senator
from Pennsylvania, a man of Quakerlike simplicity,
and with a pure and handsome countenance,
among the anti-slavery leaders. The two senators
from Ohio, Corwin and Chase, are here; the
former you are already acquainted with. I see him

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