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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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in the Senate, sitting silent and tranquil; he has
already delivered his sentiments on the important
subject, and now merely makes occasionally a short
observation on some speech of a Southerner.
Chase has a remarkably noble and handsome
exterior; I have seldom seen a more noble or prouder
figure. Such a man in private life must be a dominant
spirit and awaken love or hate. In public he
expresses himself firmly, but in a few words, for
the principle of freedom.

The senator from New York, Mr. Seward, is a
little man, not at all handsome, and with the nasal
twang which not unfrequently belongs to the sons
of Boston. Seward is from that city. Yet, nevertheless,
that voice has uttered, during the present
session, some of the greatest and noblest thoughts.
He is a stout anti-slavery man, and is against any

In the middle of this camp of Senators, sits the
colossus, Daniel Webster, in his arm-chair, with
his sallow cheek and brow, and seems to be
oppressed with thought, or with the heat, perhaps
with both. I call him a colossus, not because I see
in him an overpowering intellectual greatness, but
on account of his magnificent head and massive
appearance, although he is not a large figure, and
because his influence is felt as something colossal.
He has been extremely handsome, possessed of a

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