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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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The hawk from Missouri, Colonel Benton, sits
there in the midst of his own people, as well
as the lion from Kentucky in the other camp, and
just opposite to him. He is one of the oldest
senators in Congress, and highly esteemed for his
learning, his firmness, and his courage. He has
fought a duel, and in cold blood slowly taken
aim, and in cold blood shot his man, and he looks
as if he could shoot his man in cold blood still.
This duel, or, more correctly speaking, his
behavior in it, has cast a shadow upon his character
in the eyes of many. He belongs to the population
of “the Borderers” in America, to that class which
springs up on the outskirts of the wilderness and
among a half-savage people; he has evidently
accustomed himself to club-law; has accustomed
himself to go with pistol and bowie-knife (a kind
of crooked knife universal as a weapon in the Slave
States, and called after its inventor) which is
carried, as our gentlemen carry a penknife and
pencil, in the breast pocket. And Colonel Benton
is a suitable representative of a slave state, where
the wild Missouri pours its turbid waters along its
perilous course, forming the western boundaries
of the savage mountain land of the Indian tribes,
and extending eastward to the gigantic Mississippi,
where heathenism still contends for dominion with
Christian law—of that yet only half-civilized

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