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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Missouri may a cold-blooded duellist like Colonel
Benton very well be regarded as a worthy representative;
there he can, by his resolute will and his
determined behavior, make himself both esteemed
and feared as a political character. In exterior he
is a strong-built, powerful, broad-shouldered,
broad-chested man; the forehead is lofty, and the
somewhat gray hair rises thin and slightly curled
above it; below gleam a pair of lively but cold
gray eyes, and between them shoots forth an
aquiline nose; the lower part of the countenance is
strong, and shows a strong will and strong animal
propensities. The figure and expression are powerful,
but somewhat heavy, and are deficient in nobility.
He has advocated in the Senate the freedom
of California, but has opposed Mr. Clay’s
“Omnibus Bill.” In society I have found him candid,
extremely polite, and kind; nevertheless, there was a
something within me which felt a repulsion to that
cool, bloodstained hand. If it were not for this, I
should like to see more of the man. His unreserved
acknowledgment in the Senate that, although the
representative of a slave state, a native of a slave
state, and himself a slaveholder, he yet regarded
slavery as an evil
, and should regard it as a crime
to aid in the extension of the curse to territory,
which had hitherto been free. This manly, candid
declaration from a man in his position deserves

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