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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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which was only silenced by the desire to listen yet
again to the speaker. From this fairly enchanted
audience I turned my glance to one countenance
which beamed with a joy so warm, so pure, that I
could not do otherwise than sympathize in the
liveliest manner, for this countenance was that of
Webster’s wife. I have heard it said that when she
first heard her husband speak in public she fainted;
yet she looks like a strong, and by no means a
nervous woman.

July 20. I went one day with a handsome, young,
new-married pair, and Miss Dix, to “Little Falls” on
the Potomac, in a wild and picturesque district.
There dwells here, in a great solitude, a kind of
savage, with seven fingers on each hand, and
seven toes on each foot. He is a giant in his bodily
proportions, and lives here on fish; he is said to
be inoffensive when he is left at peace, but dangerous
if excited. I can believe it. He looked to me
like one of those Starkodder natures, half human
and half enchanter, which the old Scandinavian
ages produced at the wild Falls of Trollhättan,
and which the wildernesses of America seem to produce

Another curiosity, but of smaller dimensions, I
saw also, not however in the wilderness, but in the
Capitol. I was in the House of Representatives.

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