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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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merely said, “Oh!” If I had had spirit enough I should
have added, “I am very much disappointed in you! for
the great granddaughter of the great Miles Standish
ought to have been at least six feet high!”

July 21. I have been to-day to a Methodist
church of free negroes. The preacher, also a
negro, and one whom I had seen in a shop in the
city, had a countenance which bore a remarkable
resemblance to an ape; he had, however, that
talent of improvisation, and of strikingly applying
theoretical truths to the occurrences of daily life,
which I have often admired among the negroes.
This man possesses in a high degree the power of
electrifying his audience; and as it is the custom
in the Methodist churches to give utterance to the
feelings and thoughts, it caused an extraordinary
scene on this occasion—so vehement were the cries
and expressions of emotion.

The theme of the preacher was a common
one—conversion and amendment, or death and
damnation. But when he spoke of different
failings and sins, his descriptions were as graphic
as his gestures. When he spoke about the sins
of the tongue, he dragged this “unruly member”
out of his mouth, and shook it between his
fingers very energetically. On his admonishing his

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