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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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audience to bid farewell to the devil and turn away
from him (after he had vehemently proclaimed
the damnation which the Evil One would drag
them into), his expressions took such a strong and
powerful hold of his hearers, that the whole
assembly was like a tempestuous sea. One heard
only the cry, “Yes, yes!” “Farewell! forever!”
“Yes, amen!” “Never mind!” “Go along!” “Oh
God!” “Farewell!” “Amen, amen!” etc. And
besides these convulsive groans, cries and howls,
the assembly was ready for any extravagance,
whatever it might have been, if the preacher had
willed it. The swell of excitement, however, soon
abated when the sermon was ended. . . .

July 25. I visited the convent during my stay
in Baltimore, and liked very much what I saw, in
particular the appearance and manners of the
abbess and the young sisters. They take the vows
for their whole life, but have laid aside much of
the old Catholic ceremonial and have no peculiar
habit. They principally occupy themselves in
education, as well as in the guardianship of poor
orphans. Many of the best Protestant families in
the United States send their children hither to be
educated, because they are better instructed and at
a less expense than in most other educational
institutions. Catholicism in the United States seems to

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