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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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have left behind it all that which made it feared
and hated on the other side of the ocean and to
have taken with it merely that which was best;
and here it is justly commended for its zeal in good
works. The Catholic congregations here are also
distinguished by their excellent institutions for
children and for the sick. That great boarding-school
for young girls is the principal source of
revenue for the convent. The public examination
there will shortly take place. I heard also, in a
large concert-hall, some of the young girls play
both on the harp and the piano, besides singing in
chorus, which they did very well, and with fine

August 10. I must now tell you about my life
at Cape May. I pass my mornings in company
with the sea and the porpoises.

“Miss _______, may I have the pleasure of taking
a bath with you, or of bathing with you?” is
an invitation which one often hears at this place
from a gentleman to a lady, just as at a ball the
invitation is to a quadrille or a waltz, and I have
never heard the invitation refused, neither do I see
anything particularly unbecoming in these bathing-dances,
although they look neither beautiful nor
charming; in particular, that tour in the dance in
which the gentleman teaches the lady to float,

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