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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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women holding each other by the hand, dancing
around and screaming aloud every time a wave
dashes over their heads; and there, in front of
them, is a yet wilder swarm of young men, who
dive and plunge about like fishes, much to the
amazement of the porpoises (as I presume), who
here and there pop their huge heads out of the
billows, but which again disappear as a couple of
large dogs rush forward through the water toward
them in the hope of a good prize. Sometimes,
when one expects a wave to come dashing over
one, it brings with it a great force of ladies and
gentlemen, whom it has borne along with it, and
one has then to take care of one’s life. Three
life-boats are continually rowing about outside
this scene during the bathing season, in order to
be at hand in case of accident. Nevertheless,
scarcely a year passes without some misfortune,
occurring during the bathing season, principally
from the want of circumspection in the bathers
themselves, who venture out too far when they
are not expert swimmers. The impulse of the
waves in the ebb is stronger than in the flowing
tide, and it literally sucks them out into the great
deep; and I can not, in such case, but think upon
the legend of our mythology, about “the false
Ran” which hungers for human life, and drags her
prey down into her bosom. There is no other

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